—⊹Main Origins
⸝⸝ ➤Adaptive;
»Adaptive refers to systems which formed in response to trauma or other adversity. A common trait of such systems is viewing plurality as adapting, healing, and overcoming obstacles.
⸝⸝ ➤Faoigenic;
»Faoigenic is a system or headmate that formed due to a subsystem in some way.
⸝⸝ ➤Mixed origin;
»Mixed origin refers to a system that has multiple different system origins. This could be because their system formed from a combination of factors, or that not all of their headmates are of the same origin.
⸝⸝ ➤Polygenic;
»Polygenic is a Mixed Origin subtype. Specifically, it means a multiple origin plural, especially if those multiple origins cause the plural to have a lot of members.
⸝⸝ ➤Stressgenic;
»Stressgenic refers to a system or system member whose origin is the result of stress.
⸝⸝ ➤Traumagenic;
»Traumagenic refers to a system whose creation/origin is the result of one or more traumatic events. Often, these systems have lingering trauma, and may fall under a diagnosis like DID or OSDD-1.

—⊹Mikro Origins
⸝⸝ ➤Dreagenic;
»Dreagenic is a system type for when sleeping dreams affect their plurality in some way. This could be by causing system members based on dreams, dreams showing more of the headspace, or any other effects.
⸝⸝ ➤Exotraumagenic;
»An exotraumagenic system is one that formed partially or wholly from exotrauma.
⸝⸝ ➤Mikrogenic;
»Mikrogenic refers to an origin that is or seems small, or has an origin that has little impact on how they actually came to exist.
⸝⸝ ➤Neurogenic;
»Neurogenic refers to systems that formed as a result of their neurodivergence, or from a mental illness. Usually, headmates originate from the need to cope, or be introjects based off symptoms like hallucinations or hyperfixations. Neurogenic systems may or may not disclose the specific disorder or neurodivergence they have.
⸝⸝ ➤Neurotraumagenic;
»A neurotraumagenic system or headmate is one formed from their neurodivergence affecting/being involved with their trauma.
⸝⸝ ➤Outertraumagenic;
»Outertraumagenic or outergenic refers to a system, subsystem, headmate, or otherwise that is formed as a result of another person's trauma (outertrauma).
⸝⸝ ➤Parogenic;
»Parogenic refers to systems or headmates that were created using thought-based or metaphysical means, usually deliberately.
⸝⸝ ➤Parotraumagenic;
»A parotraumagenic system or headmate was created to deal with trauma; for example, to ward off loneliness during bullying, or someone to do tasks the original was unable to do due to triggers. Typically, said creation is a conscious decision.


⸝⸝ ➤Disordered plurality;
»Disordered plurality is an umbrella term for all experiences of plurality that cause or strongly affect "significant difficulty, distress, impairment, and/or suffering in a person's daily life." If a system doesn't consider their plurality to have a large negative impact on their life, they're not disordered. Being plural is not a disorder on its own, but there is a large overlap between plural and disordered experiences.
⸝⸝ ➤Infinitumplex;
»A system whose subsystems and sidesystems are hard to count and keep track of due to: either constantly changing between one thousand+ members and/or due to the constant, rapid growth of the system.
⸝⸝ ➤Masked;
»A system that acts or is covert. It is difficult to distinguish the fronters of a masked system unless they explicitly tell you because of the “mask”.
⸝⸝ ➤Multiple;
»A multiple system is the state of being more than one entity in one physical body where the identities of headmates are more distinct.
⸝⸝ ➤Polyfragmented;
»Polyfragmented systems have large amount of fragments, often due to severe or pervasive trauma. The exact number of fragments required varies from source, but the most common definition is 100+, although this is misleading.
⸝⸝ ➤Polyplural;
»Polyplural is an all encompassing term for polyfragmented, polymedian, and polymultiple systems.


⸝⸝ ➤Amnesiabased;
»An amnesiabased system is one based in amnesia or memory problems. This means that the system is in some way affected by amnesia or memory problems, with it being able to affect innerworld, roles, functions, headmates themselves, or any other aspect of the system. Despite this, amnesia in amnesiabased systems isn't necessarily an origin.
⸝⸝ ➤Archaic polyfragmented;
»Archaic polyfragmented describes polyfragmented, polyplural, polymultiple, or polyfaceted systems that have some form of internal ranking, government, or hierarchy. Usually this is in the form of having gatekeepers, system managers, hosts, and/or protectors that act as the "head" of the system. However, this is not always the case, nor does it mean that they inherently control members or are completely in charge of the system. They simply hold more power or control over the systems functions, innerworld/headspace, and things of that nature more so than other members of their system.
⸝⸝ ➤Atrium system;
»An atrium system (or comb system) is one with limited memory sharing. There is a separate reservoir of fronting memory that only contains memories made in front and is accessible while fronting.
⸝⸝ ➤Chimeric polyfragmented;
»A chimeric polyfragmented system is polyfragmented, polyplural, polymultiple, or polyfaceted system that consists of distinct groups that may be viewed as their own systems due to size and/or complexity.
⸝⸝ ➤Communication barriers;
»Communication barriers are barriers in a system that block thoughts, emotions, conversation or any other method of in-system communication between headmates.
⸝⸝ ➤Compartmentalized structure;
»A polyfragmented, polyplural, polyfaceted, or other poly- system whose function is completely compartmentalized. This may mean that their system is broken up into many “compartments” that function as a whole. These compartments may work together to function properly, or they may clash. Compartments may also have a hard time communicating with each other, but may have perfect communication inside their own compartment. Compartments maybe physically expressed in the innerworld as layers, subsystems, or sidesystems.
⸝⸝ ➤Covert switch;
»A covert switch is a switch which is hard to detect. This can be done to protect the system from abuse or an unsafe situation, but can be done automatically or naturally by a system.
⸝⸝ ➤Delusionbased;
»A delusionbased system is one that is based in one or more delusions. This means that the system is affected by them in some way, with it being able to affect the inner world, headmate roles, functions, or headmates themselves, but it isn’t necessarily an origin.
⸝⸝ ➤Emotional amnesia;
»While there are a few definitions of emotional amnesia, it is most commonly regarded as the inability to associate emotions with certain events. Alternatively, the person may still be able to recall the emotions associated with the memory, but those feelings are significantly numbed. Unlike amnesia the memories are still able to be recalled as other memories may be able to, with only emotions being impacted. Emotional amnesia has been described by some as feeling numb or disconnected about what is happening around you. However, this is more often described as dissociation rather than emotional amnesia. Emotional amnesia has also been described as emotional lag. Where, when recalling memories it may take a couple of seconds to recall the emotions that are associated with those feelings.
⸝⸝ ➤Fearbased;
»A fearbased system is one that is based in fear. This means that the system is affected by it in some way, with it being able to affect the inner world, headmate roles, functions, or headmates themselves, but it isn’t necessarily an origin.
⸝⸝ ➤Fracturebased;
»Fracturebased refers to a system that is based in fragmentation, splitting, or fracturing as a concept. This means that it affects the way the system exists in someway, with it being able to affect the innerworld, functions, member roles, and/or headmates, but it isn’t necessarily an origin.
⸝⸝ ➤Headspace;
»A headspace (also known as inner world or wonderland) is a place that members of a system can visit or inhabit, where they can talk to other headmates.
⸝⸝ ➤Ingnitien;
»Ingnitien refers to a system without a stable member count.
⸝⸝ ➤Layer;
»A layer is a division of space within a headspace. These are more significant than just areas of the headspace, as individual layers often have greatly differing appearances or functions in regards to each other.
⸝⸝ ➤Leidtien;
»Leidtien is a system, sisasystem or headspace that has inworld languages/intrasprache/exosprache, but experiences absolutely no communication difficulty due to them.
⸝⸝ ➤Perspective sharing;
»Perspective sharing is an effect that occurs in some instances of memory sharing. Headmates with perspective sharing recall memories of other headmates as if they were their own.
⸝⸝ ➤Thoughtbleeding;
»Thoughtbleeding refers to unintentional unspoken internal communication between headmates in the same system.
⸝⸝ ➤Thoughtsharing;
»Thoughtsharing refers to unspoken internal communication between headmates in the same system.


⸝⸝ ➤Complex;
»Large/complex systems, including polyfragmented+, fractal, and multi-layered.
⸝⸝ ➤Plural;
»A system of multiple people.

⸝⸝ ➤Mixed;
»Both internal and external communication.
⸝⸝ ➤Poor skills;
»Poor communication skills between members.

⸝⸝ ➤Active;
»Headspace is active all the time, or exists as a parallel world of some kind.
⸝⸝ ➤Restricted;
»Access to headspace is restricted, for some/all members.

⸝⸝ ➤Managed;
»Access to knowledge is controlled/managed, like by a gatekeeper.
⸝⸝ ➤Mixed;
»A mix between Shared and Restricted.

⸝⸝ ➤Atrial/combed;
»There is a specific reservoir of memory for fronting, leading to possible amnesia between members, but not between switches.
⸝⸝ ➤Managed;
»Access to memories is controlled/managed, like by a gatekeeper.
⸝⸝ ➤Mixed;
»A mix between shared/segregated.

⸝⸝ ➤Managed;
»Fronting/switching is controlled and managed, like by a gatekeeper.
⸝⸝ ➤Mixed;
»Mix of voluntary and reactive, either having both equally or having both types cause a switch at the same time.

Sisasystems (WIP)

⸝⸝ ➤Boyfriends Cluster⌇💘
⸝⸝ ➤clowning-around.txt⌇🤡
⸝⸝ ➤DDLC Cluster⌇📓
⸝⸝ ➤Gaymers⌇🎮
⸝⸝ ➤Logica⌇💼

⸝⸝ ➤Ikigai⌇🍬
⸝⸝ ➤Kizerain⌇🌧🧷
⸝⸝ ➤Somnolent Charm⌇🍪

⸝⸝ ➤Chrome⌇💿
⸝⸝ ➤Hufflefluffs⌇🥧
⸝⸝ ➤Losers⌇🧃
⸝⸝ ➤Rubber Ducks⌇🐣
⸝⸝ ➤Ukiyo⌇📻

⸝⸝ ➤Lovers リーベ⌇💗

⸝⸝ ➤DillyDally⌇🖇
⸝⸝ ➤Softly Divine⌇🌺🍓

—⊹Nested Subsystems
⸝⸝ ➤Kit System⌇🦊
⸝⸝ ➤The Rainbow Keyboard⌇⌨️

⸝⸝ ➤will fill out later

⸝⸝ ➤Cozy Corner⌇🧶
⸝⸝ ➤Forest Grove⌇🍃
⸝⸝ ➤Lost Angels⌇🕊
⸝⸝ ➤Medical Frills⌇💉🌹
⸝⸝ ➤Pink Rose Fields⌇🌷
⸝⸝ ➤Serein Fields⌇☁️
⸝⸝ ➤The Sleepy GreenHouse⌇💤🌿

⸝⸝ ➤will fill out later

⸝⸝ ➤Angelic Daydreams⌇💌
⸝⸝ ➤Happy System⌇🥴

⸝⸝ ➤Melancholy⌇💊

⸝⸝ ➤Blind Ravens⌇🪶
⸝⸝ ➤Bumble Bee Cluster⌇🧸🐝
⸝⸝ ➤candiedskulls.mp3⌇🍭
⸝⸝ ➤Crescent Moon Alliance⌇🌙💫
⸝⸝ ➤Dreamy Stars⌇🌟
⸝⸝ ➤Glitch-City.exe⌇📼
⸝⸝ ➤Lovesick Collective⌇🏩
⸝⸝ ➤Moonshine Multitude⌇💜✨
⸝⸝ ➤Nightlight System⌇🦕🌙
⸝⸝ ➤Paw Cafe⌇🐾
⸝⸝ ➤Peachy Willows⌇🦩🍑
⸝⸝ ➤Radioactive Unreality⌇☢️
⸝⸝ ➤Sea of Clouds⌇🌊☁️
⸝⸝ ➤The Fairy Meadows⌇🍄
⸝⸝ ➤The Insomnia Collective⌇🩹
⸝⸝ ➤Weathered Roses⌇🥀

Frequent Fronters

⸝⸝ ➤Name(s); Cherry
⸝⸝ ➤Nickname(s); Cher
⸝⸝ ➤Pronouns; he/they
⸝⸝ ➤Age; 16
⸝⸝ ➤Gender; FtM non-binary male
⸝⸝ ➤Orientation; bisexual
⸝⸝ ➤Species; human
⸝⸝ ➤Role(s); co host, perpetrator

⸝⸝ ➤Name(s); Izzy
⸝⸝ ➤Nickname(s); N/A
⸝⸝ ➤Pronouns; she/her
⸝⸝ ➤Age; 18
⸝⸝ ➤Gender; cis female
⸝⸝ ➤Orientation; bisexual
⸝⸝ ➤Species; human
⸝⸝ ➤Role(s); archivist, caretaker, co-host

⸝⸝ ➤Name(s); Levi/Toast
⸝⸝ ➤Nickname(s); Toasty
⸝⸝ ➤Pronouns; he/they/xe/ey/+
⸝⸝ ➤Age; 16
⸝⸝ ➤Gender; transmasc
⸝⸝ ➤Orientation; panromantic & quoisexual
⸝⸝ ➤Species; human
⸝⸝ ➤Role(s); core, host

⸝⸝ ➤Name(s); Lisa
⸝⸝ ➤Nickname(s); N/A
⸝⸝ ➤Pronouns; she/her
⸝⸝ ➤Age; unknown
⸝⸝ ➤Gender; cis female
⸝⸝ ➤Orientation; aroace
⸝⸝ ➤Species; human
⸝⸝ ➤Role(s); co-host

⸝⸝ ➤Name(s); Otis
⸝⸝ ➤Nickname(s); N/A
⸝⸝ ➤Pronouns; he/xe
⸝⸝ ➤Age; 18
⸝⸝ ➤Gender; demiboy, aniem
⸝⸝ ➤Orientation; gynesexual
⸝⸝ ➤Species; demon
⸝⸝ ➤Role(s); co-host, harm protector

⸝⸝ ➤Name(s); Trinity
⸝⸝ ➤Nickname(s); Trin
⸝⸝ ➤Pronouns; she/they
⸝⸝ ➤Age; ageless (mentally mid-20s)
⸝⸝ ➤Gender; demigirl
⸝⸝ ➤Orientation; sapphic
⸝⸝ ➤Species; half-elf
⸝⸝ ➤Role(s); protector